The Nepal Project
Completed Projects

The Nepal Project is an IRS registered 501©3 focused on building schools and developing educational systems in the Dang Valley of Nepal.

These are our Completed Projects.

Saudiyar Middle School Roof, circa 1989.
With the help of a British volunteer, we taught Bal Bahadur Chaudhary how to make cement roofing tiles to replace thatched roofing grass as the primary roofing material. These tiles have a 25-year life expectancy, compared to the 2 years of weatherproofing provided by thatched grass. These tiles attach to a bamboo frame using a paper clip. These tiles also repel sun and heat, allowing the inside to be cooler than the outside. Money to pay for the materials and training for Bal Bahadur came from a San Francisco couple during Jeff’s time in Peace Corps Nepal.

School nursery. Circa 1989.
To address the deforestation that plagued the Dang Valley, Jeff got a donation of 25,000 seedlings from the local district forestry officer. Jeff helped to train the school assistant how to water, grow and transplant these future trees. These seedlings later became fodder, building material and shade for the residents.

Sucrawar School, circa 2005.
Using money raised by Jeff directly, a new primary school was built in the village of Sucrawar to offer evening classes for students in grades 1-5 whose parents were farmers. Matching money came from the Nepali government and other non-profits. A plaque commemorates all those contributed. This structure has since expanded to 2 buildings and is the center of the village.

Nav Raj Adhikari studies at Liberty University. Circa 2010.
Nav Raj was one of Jeff’s former students during 1987 and 1989. After graduating university in Nepal, Nav Raj became a teacher and progressed to become a headmaster. Jeff worked with the provost at Liberty University to secure a full-tuition scholarship for Nav Raj to come to the US to study for a semester. Nav Raj learned teaching pedagogy and committed to implementing the Montessori method upon return to Nepal. He also experienced American culture at Liberty University.

Buffalo gas project.
In Sucrawar, board member Khopi Ram Chaudhary needed a cooking fuel and evening light source at his house, as electricity was only available 4 to 5 hours per day, and it didn’t coincide with when it was needed. With a small donation from the Robinson family, the project was completed in 2014. Fresh buffalo dung in placed in an underground pot that forces the methane gas to be channeled into a nearby pot for future use. This gas is then pumped into the home to act as lantern fuel and cooking stove fuel.

Madan Bhandary School
Jeff helped raised money by selling Yak blankets to pay for renovations and expansion to a community funded private school. Over the years, new furniture, teaching aids, teacher training and water projects have been funded by The Nepal Project.

How You Can Help

  • Purchase a Yak Blanket or make a donation.
  • Amazon smile. Each time you buy on Amazon, you can have a portion of the purchase donated to The Nepal Project. Go to and select The Nepal Project as your charity of choice.
  • Corporate matching funds. The Nepal Project is registered with allowing companies to match their employees' gifts.