This traditional coaching offering meets the requirements of athletes who are aware that their success is contingent both on accountability and shared planning responsibilities.

How we do it: We have an initial intake meeting that lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, when Jeff hears your history, your short-term goals, your time restrictions and your perceived commitment levels. He will also learn about the event or events that you are preparing for, as well as your goals for those events, to make sure he can help you meet them. We discuss a communication strategy and you ask all the questions you want about philosophy, training strategies and anything else on your mind. We both then take what we have learned and independently decide if we can work together.
If the answer is yes from both sides, we send you a contract to sign, you make your first payment, and we start.

Our commitments to you are simplistic to write

  • Jeff will create a basic account for you in and share with you his contact information, telling you when you can contact him and hear from you when he can contact you.
  • He will create training plans for you, up to two weeks at a time, and he will revisit your efforts as you submit your results via He will make comments on individual workouts that justify commentary, both encouraging your successes and making recommendations for course change as appropriate.
  • You and Jeff will have a check in call or meeting no less than once a month, where he hears about your successes and challenges with all aspects of training.
  • Jeff will help set some midterm goals for you as you prepare for your big event. For example, if your goal is a half ironman, he will recommend some sprint and Olympic distance triathlons between when you start and the big event. These test events help judge your progress most realistically.

Your commitments are also simplistic, but they also contain the hard work.

  • You will use the tools Jeff recommend and get into a habit of recording your efforts as soon as you can. Three days of training results, all reported at the same time, are difficult to use to make course changes.
  • You will make time in your schedule to do the assigned workouts or notify Jeff if you can’t do them. He doesn’t a detailed or drama filled reason, but if it was too hard to schedule or you lacked the time to do so, he wants to know.
  • You will fight your feelings to minimize or cut short the work out by reminding yourself of the goals you set for yourself. He will help you, but you must help yourself at least as much as he does.
  • You will comply with the terms of the contract, understanding that your commitment has a 3-month minimum term. Jeff can’t justify monthly coaching if your time investment is less than this.
Price: $75 intake fee plus $299 per month.

Contact Jeff to schedule your initial meeting. You'll be sent an agreement and invoice.