Meet Jeff Gaura

Jeff starts his day earlier than everyone else in the house, as he has his quiet time before heading to the basement to practice guitar or study biblical Hebrew. He might go outside for a run or take a walk down their driveway, looking up at the stars and talking to God about yesterday and the day ahead. Once the rest of the house wakes up and he has set the coffee for Linda and cooked breakfast, he goes into his zone. He either works out or heads upstaris to write stories and teach. Obviously, he is planning trips that include others.

He is an out-of-the-box thinker and visionary with communications skills that transcend multiple languages. He is confident and smart, but he is also committed to living in community. He and Linda garden most months of the year and they take care of their small flock of chickens.

Jeff sold his IT business and embarked on a journey to make the most of my love to help others reach and exceed their thresholds without giving up a sense of comfort and confidence.

Jeff is a competitive athlete in endurance racing and is an accomplished cyclist and runner. His original blog idea,, started as an outreach to help other athletes maintain their competitive edge while they develop their spiritual one. It has transformed into a trilogy of fictional books that are available at retailers everywhere. As an author, he pays forward the second chance given to him after he almost died in a bicycle accident in April of 2020.

These stories, both the written ones and the video podcasts, are Jeff’s non-sequential insights into a successful life and his iteration of the Biblical mandate to “equip the Saints for God’s great work.”

Jeff knows that he will never “arrive” at the perfect diet and fitness regimen, but he is open to telling you of his journey and to hear about yours.