Threshold Academy
Triathlon Club

In 2021, we will have one weekly free event. These workouts are meant for multisport athletes to sharpen the tools of an endurance athlete preparing for a big event. Each brick event starts with coaching and advice on how to use this event to get better. A 5 minute pre-ride and run briefing is meant both for first timers and experienced Threshold Riders, to update you on the course.

A full schedule and link to routes can be found at our Meetup Group

Triathlon Club Mint Hill Event

  • Held every Tuesday evening at 6 pm, weather permitting, from the Mint Hill Memorial Park in Mint Hill, NC. If rain chances are over 50% or if start time temperatures are over 90 degrees, we cancel.
  • Ride is marked and is 16 or so miles. We break into groups based on pacing not long after we start. Ride leader stays with new riders, to ensure they learn the route.
  • When we return, we quickly put away our bikes, put on running shoes and do a 2.3 mile run. There is a water stop in the middle.
  • Roads have WAY less traffic than Charlotte area and the run is safe.