Thoughts in Training Blogs

February 20, 2023

Discipline is THE ingredient

Bucket lists should be written out, and your life should reflect your efforts to do what you said you wanted.  Your life's efforts should not result in an ongoing and secretive list of blames for not getting there.  Discipline is your tool to contract the blame list and scratch items off the bucket list.  I guarantee it
January 20, 2023

Threshold 118 – Addiction, Episode 1 Kacey Keever

Kacey Keever discussed his struggles with drug, alcohol and sexual addiction to get him to where he is today.
January 13, 2023

Comparing Yourself vs. Getting Better

...the competition and all the race results show a list that only includes others. It doesn’t include the timeline that I want them to use. I want them to see themselves last week vs. themselves today. That means something.
January 5, 2023

Irrevocable Impact

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Jaffe made an irrevocable impact on me. I spent less than four hours meeting and talking with […]
December 24, 2022

Threshold 117 – Like. Follow. Share.

Did Jesus approach the issues of the human race with Like, Follow, and Share types of thinking?
December 11, 2022

Come. Follow Me.

When you “follow” someone on social media, what exactly are you following? Do they have an image or song you admire, or is there some innate jealousy driving your “like” button touches? Is there some “that looks cool. I would like to do that, too,” inherent in your reaction? It is not a superficial activity to ask those questions. Here is what you should be doing.
November 30, 2022

Threshold 116 – 2022 Nepal Trek and Village Visit

Nepal never under-delivers. It always exceeds expectations.
November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

Dude, record the rest of your life with writing and pictures. Do that if you don’t want to get paid to record what everyone else is doing. Journal.
November 1, 2022

The people of my travels in 2022

I want to reflect on the unpublished stories that originated with broken scripts of this year’s trip planning. Those times, after all, are the moments my wife and I will most remember.